About The Greyhounds
Mission Statement
Our goal is to be competitive, work hard and have fun while enjoying a good
competitive game of softball. We train players who are willing to learn and
increase their skill level. We will improve each players athletic performance
and knowledge of the game throughout the season and during off season
training. Training is an essential part of development . Each player will be
expected to train and work hard on and off of the field.
Our team is named after a rescued Greyhound named Jack who comes to
games to cheer for all teams. Help encourage support prevention of cruelty
to animals. Learn more:  
Rescue Group Places Greyhounds on Track for
Love :Dog Days Bring Happiness to Volunteers.  LIGHT Documentary
explains more about the rescue effort.
Est. April 2008  501c3
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About Our Mascot!
Welcome to our team. We are a Girl's Fastpitch Softball League from
Long Island, New York. Our
mascot  is the inspiration for our hard work
and our name. We are an organization with a skills, training and
development based philosophy. Our goal is to improve the performance of
each player, participate in ASA, Pony, USSSA and NSA sponsored
tournaments and compete at a National level.
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